Hard rockers of the Neon Light District

Rising from the infamous streets of Tampere, Finland, the brand new hard rock band Neon Angel is ready to extend its wings.

Carrying out a mission for the gods of rock'n'roll, the five-piece delivers both on and off stage. Neon Angel reinvigorates the best aspects of 80's music, bringing the classic hard rock sound to 2020's.

Debut album "Neon Light District" out now via Sliptrick Records!

"As a fan of this genre, this album is a new milestone for me." - BadBlack Unicorn

"A memory of the great stadium rock anthems of the 80s is awakened." - Keep on rockin'

"Overall, highly energetic heavy hitting hard rock, Neon Angel have made a huge impression with their debut album." - Metal Gods TV

"In the end, the only flaw of Neon Light District is the short length. A couple songs more of this would go down really well without a risk of overdose." - Imperiumi (album of the month)

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